This page lists current specials and packages for our hotel in Fortuna, California. Check back often for the latest promotion information.

Click here to book a room, and then you can choose any of these promotions during the online reservation process. Or, you can call The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel directly at 707-725-5500.

Pet Stay

Cost: $25

Like to travel with your pet? We love traveling with our pets… and pets love The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel.

Can’t argue, dogs love trees!  Bring your dog to Humboldt County to enjoy our hospitality. We will inform you as soon as possible if we run out of pet-friendly rooms.

Daily Dinner Package

Cost: $15

Long day of traveling and you do not want to get back in your car? Want to unwind while the kids play in the indoor hotel pool?

Let us bring dinner to you! For each dinner package, you get the following:

  • A daily large pizza with two toppings
  • A daily two-liter bottle of soda

Dinner is delivered to your room by Westside Pizza, our favorite local pizza place. Check in, relax and enjoy your stay. Your choice of toppings and which dinner night(s) confirmed upon check-in.